Oakapple began as a vehicle for sharing the spiritual works of visionary artist Keith English. Jodieanne and Keith English started this company in St. Ives, Cornwall in 1990, selling quality prints, limited editions and art cards. Oakapple developed due to public demand as the original paintings captured the imagination but once sold, were no longer accessible Our friends and customers began to ask for reproductions of the work. The name Oakapple derived from an oak tree that our young son named "Fred". Philip, then only eight years old, had planted "Fred" as a tiny acorn in a pot in the middle of the winter. In the spring "Fred" sprouted and grew into a handsome baby oak tree. As "Fred" was being nurtured in his pot living inside the house we were all astonished when he grew two oakapples. In fact, at first we thought that they were acorns. After discovering the oakapples we researched them and found out that they are created by a particular wasp that finds an oak tree and burrows into the bark, planting it's larvae in the tree. The resulting boll grows to about the size of an acorn until the now grown wasp burrows out leaving a tiny hole in the bottom of the oakapple. Sure enough, both of "Fred's" oakapples were complete with their own tiny hole! Further research revealed that Oakapple Day was an ancient Celtic holiday celebrated on the 29th of May. It fell into disuse as a holiday until King Charles ll hid on that very day in a large oak tree and was subsequently saved from certain death. He tried to revive the holiday but it was ignored in typical English fashion! The public wasn't as excited about his experience as King Charles thought! As the 29th of May had traditionally been the weekend that heralded the start of our busy season in the Keith English Gallery we decided to use the name and the holiday as an auspicious title for the fledgling company. We are pleased to say that we are still facilitating this high standard of artwork to reach the world in as many forms possible at affordable prices. Our company welcomes your comments and suggestions. It is our goal to provide you with the utmost service. Your orders are always our priority.